Welcome to Alpha Medical Institute

Alpha Medical Institute is a proprietary school offering a range of services and courses including; Medical Assistant,Computer Networking and Engineering Administration,Nurse Aide,Computer And Information System Management, Medication Aide, Accounting,Medical Administrative Assistance,Medical Billing and Coding,Medical Administrative Assistance (Online), Medical Billing/Coding (Online), C.P.R (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation First Aid), P.M.A.B (Preventive Management of Aggressive Behaviour, and First Aide Training.

The institute offers opportunities for individual growth and expression, promotes the development of the total person through creative activities and application of knowledge for the good of the society.

Alpha Medical Institute is an educational training institute whose main objective is to prepare its graduates for employment in their field of training. It is our philosophy to provide each individual, regardless of sex, race, religion, disability or ethnic origin, with the right and privilege to prepare for employment

Our Philosophy

  • To offer an education which will enrich a person’s personal life and prepare him/her to become a contributing citizen, as well as assist in increasing his/her employment potential.
  • To provide an opportunity for a student to achieve a skill level limited only by his/her ability and desire.
  • To offer superior level of instruction by employing competent instructors and administrators who are specialists in their fields.
  • To utilize top quality equipment and instruments in order to equip the graduates with a superior level of training.
  • To offer highly qualified student services department to fully prepare and assist our graduates in their job search efforts.


Dear Student,

The faculty and staff of Alpha Medical Institute would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you. We are pleased that you have selected us to be your partner in reaching your educational career goal. We realize that your education is very important; therefore, if you should encounter any problems, please feel free to contact any member of the staff or faculty including myself. We will be more than happy to remedy any situation that may need our assistance.

If during your studies with Alpha Medical Institute, there are points of procedures you do not fully understand, please feel free to contact me personally and we will work together to clarify these issues.

Again, congratulations on your decision to attend Alpha Medical Institute. It is our ultimate goal to guide you throughout your studies and graduation.

Susan Daniels


Dr Susan Daniels- CEO

  • Dr Susan Anozie – CEO